Meet the Master

Audio Retreat (Virtual)

Audio Podcast Release: Today, Pilgrim Center of Hope's Speaker Team Member and Media Coordinator  Angela Sealana leads you on a journey through Scripture, to meet Jesus in a guided Lectio Divina (ancient way of praying with Scripture). Meet the Master is a monthly audio retreat from Pilgrim Center of Hope, bringing you into an encounter […]

A Journey with St. Joseph, A Man to Embrace

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In this week's spiritual pilgrimage, join Mary Jane Fox as she shines a light on St. Joseph! This is a different kind of journey, we get to know the chaste spouse of Mary the Mother of God, and the foster father of the Savior, Jesus Christ. This journey will introduce us to St. Joseph: As […]

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Pilgrim Center of Hope is leading pilgrims through the Land of the Bible... Follow our pilgrimage on social media! Facebook Instagram

ENCORE: St. Patrick’s Purgatory, Ireland

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Take a spiritual journey with Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox to St. Patrick’s Purgatory in Lough Derg, Ireland. Today, it is Europe’s oldest pilgrimage destination offering peace and tranquility. Over the last 1500 years, pilgrims have been coming here from throughout Europe for this extraordinary spiritual experience. Tune in as we learn: What do […]

Socials w/ the Saints: St. Dominic Savio

Pilgrim Center of Hope 7680 Joe Newton, San Antonio, TX

Have a Social with the Saints! Receive encouragement for your daily life as we meet & discuss St. Dominic Savio, a student of St. John Bosco and a role model for people of all ages. Hear his story, and be inspired to know & love God and neighbor more. Participate In-Person! Join us at Pilgrim […]

San Salvador Cathedral & St. Oscar Romero – El Salvador

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Come on a journey with Angela Sealana to El Salvador! Explore the San Salvador Cathedral and come to know more about St. Oscar Romero, the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador! To help guide us on our spiritual pilgrimage is Fr. Richard Samour, Pastor of St. Clare Catholic Church in San Antonio, TX. He is a native […]

Meet Mary: How Can a Woman be the Mother of God?

Virtual Presentation

Video Release: Today, Mary Jane Fox shares why the Virgin Mary, is very special -- not only to God, but to us. Explore your relationship with our Blessed Mother Mary, and understand why we can go to her in times of prayer without compromising our love for and focus on Jesus Christ. Meet Mary is […]

The Lord Wept: Dominus Flevit Chapel – Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

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Take your Lenten journey to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem! Come along with Angela Sealana as she spiritually travels to a holy site many people have not heard of before; a chapel called Dominus Flevit, a Latin name meaning, “The Lord Wept.” Dominus Flevit is located halfway along the western slope of the Mount […]

A Journey to St. John the Baptist – New York, NY

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This week, our journey takes us to New York City! Come on a journey with our Media Production Assistant, Jason Nunez, as we spiritually travel to the Church of St. John the Baptist. Founded21 years before the Civil War, St. John the Baptist has remained an historic, beautiful sanctuary in the heart of the city […]

A Journey to the Colosseum in Rome

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It’s time to add another stamp to your spiritual passport. Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox on a journey to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy! It attracts 4 million visitors a year and is regarded as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Our journey will take us to: The Colosseum to […]