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Journeys of Hope

Every day can be a journey of hope.

Journeys of Hope (JOH) is a weekly audio broadcast & podcast program bringing you on a virtual pilgrimage; from pilgrim destinations around the world to around the corner, and connecting it all to our pilgrimage of daily life.

The official JOH theme song is “Castleshire” by Chris Haugen. Used with permission.

This Week's Journey

AUDIO - Join Mary Jane Fox and her special guest, Bishop Gary Janank, as they explore the importance and the art of listening. Learn how listening can enhance your relationships, improve your communication skills, and deepen your connection with God. Tune in on Wednesday, February 21 at 8:00pm on the Guadalupe Radio Network South/Central Texas Stations), or on your favorite podcast app beginning Thursday, February 22.

Upcoming Journeys

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