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How I Encountered God in Lent

ARTICLE – Of all the holidays, holy days and seasons throughout our liturgical calendar, Lent is my favorite, but it wasn’t always that way. When I was younger, I saw it as an annoyance or an inconvenience with so many rules. Luckily, God knows our shortcomings and idle ways of thinking, and he uses life circumstances to help us understand the deeper meaning of it all…

Meet St. Casimir

ARTICLE & AUDIO – You are invited! Receive encouragement for your daily life as we meet & discuss St. Casimir, a prince of Poland who realized at an early age that his life belonged to a King much higher than his own father.

How Far Does Divine Mercy Reach?

ARTICLE – Have you ever wondered if Judas Iscariot, the Apostle and betrayer of Jesus Christ, received God’s mercy and redemption? So many assume he earned hell, but experiencing for myself the great mercy of God, I am not so sure.

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