Our mission is Hope.

What are so many people lacking in their daily lives today? Hope.

Pilgrim Center of Hope is answering that need. Powered by God’s grace & people who believe in Hope, we are a non-profit, Catholic ministry—missionaries of hope, inviting and helping people to live with a renewed sense of direction & purpose for their daily lives by guiding them to encounter Jesus.

New & Featured

The River Jordan - Site of the Baptism of Our Lord

AUDIO - Journey to the sacred site at the Jordan River where Our Lord was baptized by John the Baptist. Hear about the history, learn about the moment Jesus was baptized, and discover what this all has to do with your baptism and life as a Christian.

How to Stay Authentically Yourself Today

ARTICLE - Don't die as a photocopy; live as an original! Meet a holy teen of the 21st century who inspired us with his life in the digital age.
Stella Maris