Month of The Holy Souls in Purgatory

Remembering the Holy Souls

The month of November is dedicated to The Holy Souls in our Catholic Faith- we invite you to delve deeper into the often misunderstood concept of purgatory. We’ve carefully curated enlightening media content focusing on love, compassion & understanding surrounding this profound theology. Honor the memory of departed loved ones and help others gain a deeper appreciation & understanding of our faith. We invite you to explore our resources on this topic! Let’s learn and grow together in Christ.

Blog: Hope for Those Who Have Departed

Blog: Why Purgatory?

Audio: Making a Journey of Hope to a Cemetery

Audio: A Journey to Eternal Life

Audio: Journey with the Holy Souls In Purgatory

Audio: Teaching Purgatory to Children with Love and Hope

New Friends Now and Forever A Story About the Holy Souls, by Susan Tassone

Purchase this book at Pilgrim Center of Hope. Call us at 210-521-3377. Price: $20.00, plus shipping and handling $3.95. While supplies last.

What’s Happening

How to Trust and Love Jesus as Our King

ARTICLE – Discover the amazing story of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and King of heaven and earth, who came to save us from our sins and show us his love. Learn how to trust and follow him in your daily life, and how to celebrate his feast of Christ the King with joy and gratitude.

Musical Journey Through The Mass of Renewal

AUDIO – Discover how the Mass of Renewal, a beautiful and award-winning musical setting of the Mass, can inspire your faith and worship with its composers, William Gokelman and David Kauffman. Tune in on Wednesday, November 22 at 8:00pm on the Guadalupe Radio Network (South/Central Texas Stations), or on your favorite podcast app beginning Thursday, November 23.

Live to Serve

ARTICLE – Do you want to be a faithful servant of God and use your talents for His glory? Read this written by Missionary of Hope, Debbie Garza, to learn how the Parable of the Talents can inspire you to live a life of service and joy.

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