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What Am I Going To Do?

ARTICLE – How often have you pondered the question, “What if I make the wrong choice?” Questions such as this can sometimes usher in feelings of confusion and anxiety. Missionary of Hope Daniel Quintero offers a little perspective on this very topic. We invite you to read this short reflection and be renewed in hope!

Walking with the Holy Spirit

AUDIO – On this week’s episode of Journeys of Hope, join Jason Nunez and his guest, Fr. Jorge Haro, Parochial Vicar of St. Luke Catholic Church in San Antonio, TX and take a walk with the Holy Spirit! What are some common misunderstandings or misconceptions about the Holy Spirit? How can we determine if you are being guided by the Holy Spirit? Tune in on Wednesday, May 31 at 8:00pm on the Guadalupe Radio Network (South/Central Texas Stations), or on your favorite podcast listening app beginning Thursday, June 1.

How Can We Make The Holy Spirit Alive Within Us?

ARTICLE – At baptism, we became children of God and received the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How can we activate the Holy Spirit within us? Deacon Tom Fox explores this particular subject. We invite you to read this short reflection, and feel renewed in hope!

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