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Evenings with Mary

Each Evening with Mary is a “mini Marian conference” hosted within a parish environment, promoting an awareness of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s role in the salvation plan of God.

“Our Lady of the Rosary” by Ken Fox

“Our Lady of the Rosary” painting is used only with special permission from the artist, Ken Fox. Copies are not allowed. Prints are available for purchase through Pilgrim Center of Hope – call us at 210-521-3377.

Allow us to introduce your parishioners to Mary, so they may invite her into their home.

Evenings with Mary provide an opportunity to discover how the Rosary can lead individuals, couples and families to a deeper relationship with Christ, and facilitate healing and peace.

Our presenters teach about Mary and her gifts such as the Rosary, the Scapular, and others, given to the world through her apparitions. 

Participants are introduced to Mary, learn about her role in bringing us closer to Christ, pray a guided Rosary together, and receive spiritual tools to use as they go forth

“How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary every evening! The Rosary is a prayer both so humble and simple and a theologically rich in Biblical content. I beg you to pray it.” – Pope St. John Paul II

Bring This Event to Your Parish

Sample Schedule (7:00pm – 8:30pm)
  • 7:00 Introduction & Opening Prayer (possible one song)
  • 7:15 Presentation on Mary, with PowerPoint when possible
  • 7:45 Rosary with meditations, singing “Ave Maria” between each decade.
  • 8:15 Special Greeting by Parish Host Group Representative highlights group mission and encourages parishioners to get involved
  • 8:20 Closing Remarks and Final Blessing
Pilgrim Center of Hope will provide …
  • Sample bulletin announcement for parish bulletin
  • Flyer for parish to print & distribute
  • Presenters for the Evening with Mary topic and to lead the Rosary
Your parish (or parish group) will provide the facility, as well as…

Before Event:

  • Work with Pilgrim Center of Hope staff in planning and promotion
  • Promote; distribute bulletin announcement and flyers, etc.

At Event:

  • Greeters, to welcome attendees
  • Musician(s), if desired by parish for opening and closing song, and to lead all in ‘Ave Maria’ between decades of the Rosary
  • (2) tables for Pilgrim Center of Hope to distribute complimentary rosaries and materials
  • Grant permission for Pilgrim Center of Hope to:
    • Sell Rosary book and Rosary bracelet
    • Allow “love donations” – a basket for donations to Pilgrim Center of Hope
Who Should Your Parish Invite?

We encourage you to invite all families, parish groups, parish staff, RCIA candidates, Confirmation candidates, and youth groups; this conference is presented to build unity within the family and the parish community.

The Church’s mission is to evangelize the world. Families and parishes that pray together become the foundation for bringing the Gospel message and Good News of Jesus Christ to the world!

Recommended Reading

  • Meditations on the Gospel Prayer, by Deacon Tom Fox. $9.95. Purchase at an upcoming Evening with Mary, or contact the Pilgrim Center of Hope (210) 521-3377.

  • True Devotion to Mary & Preparation for Total Consecration, by St. Louis de Montfort
    • Beloved classic
    • Important for those who struggle with loving Mary
  • The Secret of the Rosary, by St. Louis de Montfort
    • Why the Rosary is the most important private prayer
    • How to pray the Rosary well
  • Hail, Holy Queen – the Mother of God in the Word of God, by Scott Hahn
    • Understand the biblical basis for Marian doctrines
    • Fresh approach to deeper love for the Blessed Mother
  • The Imitation of Mary, by Thomas A’ Kempis
    • Author of renowned The Imitation of Christ
    • Offers splendid way to grow in imitation of Jesus through the imitation of his holy mother
  • Mary, Day by Day, Introduction by Rev. Charles G. Fehrenback, CSSR
    • Spend a few minutes a day with these beautiful Marian meditations
    • Each day includes Scriptural passage, quotes from the saints, and prayers
  • See How She Loves Us: 50 Approved Apparitions of Our Lady, by Joan Cruz
    • Discover the most beloved apparitions of the Blessed Mother
    • A powerful, beautifully-researched book
  • Mary In Her Scapular Promise, by John Mathias Haffert
    • What is the scapular? Why do we wear it?
    • What promises did the Blessed Mother give regarding this devotion?
    • Highly recommended by Fulton Sheen, who provides the preface
  • Saint Catherine Laboure, by Joseph I. Dirvin
    • Tells both her story and that of the Miraculous Medal apparitions
    • 61 pictures, including photos of St. Catherine’s incorrupt body
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory – A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Total Consecration to Mary, by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC
    • Extraordinary 33-day journey to Marian consecration
    • Inspired and guided by four giants of Marian spirituality
    • Designed for even the busiest of people
  • St. Bernadette Soubirous, by Abbe Francis Trochu
    • Beautifully illustrated with 69 photos, including of St. Bernadette’s incorrupt body
    • Our Lady told her, “I do not promise to make you happy in this world, but in the next.” St. Bernadette will steal your heart!
  • Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words, by Sister Lucia
    • One of the most popular books of the century – Includes memoirs & letters of the last surviving seer of the Fatima apparitions, Lucia dos Santos
    • Describes her life and character, life and deaths of the other two children (Jacinta and Francisco)
    • Includes visions of hell, war, the Holy Father, secrets and the apparitions themselves
    • Photos include incorrupt body of Jacinta
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization of Love, by Carl Anderson and Eduardo Chavez
    • Traces the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe from the sixteenth century to the present
    • Discusses how her message was, and continues to be, an important catalyst for religious and cultural transformation
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe as model of the Church and Juan Diego as model for all Christians who seek to answer Christ’s call of conversion and witness
    • Explores the changing face of the Catholic Church in the Americas, and how Our Lady’s message was historically significant and speaks to contemporary issues confronting the American continents and people

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