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The Eucharist and Healing

Join Mary Jane and Deacon Tom Fox as they dive into the profound significance of the Holy Eucharist and its power to heal and guide us towards a deeper connection with God. Discover the boundless love of God for all humanity, the role of the Catholic Church in nurturing our spiritual journey, and the transformative impact of the Eucharist on our lives.

On today’s journey, you will:

  • Hear about one of the greatest gifts given to us – the Holy Eucharist.
  • Discover why The Eucharist can bring healing to us.
  • Take in personal stories of healing and transformation.

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Jewel for the Journey

"How many of you say: I should like to see His face, His garments, His shoes. You do see Him, you touch Him, you eat Him. He gives Himself to you, not only that you may see Him, but also to be your food and nourishment." - St. John Chrysostom