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Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian

Our journey today will include a dramatic story of a Palestinian Christian working for peace in Israel. His name is Elias Chacour, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Ordained as a priest of St. George Melkite Catholic Church in Ibillin, a small Arab village in the Galilee region near Nazareth where Christians and Muslims have lived together peacefully for hundreds of years.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About an educational institution Elias Chacour founded in the Galilee region that employs faculty of three faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
  • His mission, called “Pilgrims of Ibillin” works with peace partners.
  • Be introduced to a Palestinian people who have lived in Palestine for thousands of years.

Photo supplied by Bob Sawyer

We are so grateful to this month’s sponsors, Deanna and Josias Owen in honor of Fr Joel Quezada, who made this podcast episode possible.

Guest Information

Bob Sawyer is a retired Moravian minister and a resident of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He served as a pastor in New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, and Winston-Salem, followed by eleven years as a church administrator. His first trip to the Holy Land was in 1988 during the first Intifada and he has returned leading pilgrimages and representing both the Moravian Church and Pilgrims of Ibillin. He was Executive Director of Pilgrims of Ibillin from 2007 to 2013 and accompanied Abuna Elias Chacour on his trips to the U.S. during that time. He is currently on the Board of Directors.

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Jewel for the Journey

"Together we are stronger than the storm." - Elias Chacour

Get More Out of Your Journey

Website – Pilgrims of Ibillin

Book – Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour

*Available through Pilgrim Center of Hope for a donation of $10.00 plus handling and shipping. Please call 210-521-3377

Where is Ibillin?