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Cece Smith

Cece Smith

Cece Smith is the President and Owner of Toolbox Studios, an award winning marketing and design firm, as well as co-owner with her husband, Barney of SmithPrint, Inc., a family owned and operated commercial printing company, both in San Antonio.

Born, raised and educated in Illinois, Cece began her professional career at the multinational consumer goods company, Procter & Gamble. There she spent a decade in sales management, marketing, organizational design and strategic planning, honing the skills that would serve her well as she built her own companies after relocating to San Antonio in 1992. A forward thinking innovator and Cross Media Marketing specialist, Cece is known known for her approachable and personable leadership style. The results have been consistent growth and enormous success.

Cece’s focused commitment to excellence and service carries over into her personal life. A devoted wife and mother, she also enthusiastically gives of her time and talent to a multitude of community organizations in various capacities from membership through leadership.

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