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“Who Is the Man of the Shroud?” museum-quality exhibition is permanently housed at Pilgrim Center of Hope in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Explore an unsolved mystery—the most studied relic in the world; an ancient, linen cloth bearing the image of a tortured and crucified man’s body. Who do you say he is?
  •  Get up-close with re-creations of torture instruments used on the man. Walk through panels detailing the Shroud’s history, into scientific discoveries of our modern era.
  • See a full-size, certified replica of the Shroud of Turin and full-size, illuminated photographic negatives of the Shroud image.
  • Examine – and even touch – the bronze sculpture “The Body of the Man of the Shroud” by Prof. Luigi Mattei based on the three-dimensional data contained in the Shroud image.

Plan Your Visit

Pilgrim Center of Hope: 210-521-3377

Fridays 10:00am-4:00pm (some closures)

  • No Cost to the Public

    There is no fee required, but your donations are welcomed as they help sustain and develop the exhibition.

  • Individuals & Small Groups

    You are welcome to come at your leisure. Calling ahead is helpful toward a maximum experience.

  • Groups Larger Than 14 Persons

    Due to facility size, please call ahead to arrange your visit.

  • Special Presentations

    See video below for what groups can experience. We may be able to arrange a special time for your group.

Exhibition Permanent Location

Pilgrim Center of Hope
7680 Joe Newton, San Antonio, TX 78251

Church & Faith-Based Groups

Schedule a special time for your group to see the exhibition. We can also include a presentation with Q&A.

Hear about the experience in the video below.