Will you get a phone call from PCH?

How could we possibly keep in touch with almost 200 parishes and over 1 million Catholics in San Antonio?

In an effort to invite as many women as possible, our2017 Catholic Women’s Conference steering committee is making phone calls to some past attendees and parishes. We’re compiling an updated list of relevant contact information for each parish, including Women’s Groups and ACTS Retreats, along with key staff members. Additionally, we’re looking at possible obstacles; why aren’t women from certain parishes attending? How can we help remove some of these obstacles?

Ultimately, Pilgrim Center of Hope wants to make sure that all women in every parish receive Jesus’ invitation, “Come to Me…” (Matt. 11:28)

Would you like to tell us about your parish? We are looking for Parish Advocates; enthusiastic members of a parish who can keep Pilgrim Center of Hope informed about parish news and culture, as well as sharing invitations from Pilgrim Center of Hope events with the members of their parish.

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