Truly life-changing experience


Pilgrim group at the Baptismal Site of Christ, at the Jordan River

Thank you for the most beautiful experience of a lifetime. It is through your prayer, enthusiasm, and attention to detail that the Holy Land comes to life. I know that because of your wealth of knowledge and contacts in the Holy Land we were able to learn and see more of the Holy Land.

You are indeed a true follower of Our Lord and it is reflected in your every word and action. Now that I am home, I am doing a lot of pondering on what I saw and heard. I am reading and rereading the material you provided. It is as if I was back there again by feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I am delighted to have experienced the Holy Land through your heart and eyes. I feel very privileged to have been a part of this pilgrimage. It has truly been a life changing experience. The season of Lent and Easter Sunday will never be the same since visiting the place where Our Lord died for us. As a matter of fact, nothing is the same since then; my entire life has taken on a new meaning.

– Nora Sierra

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