The Catacombs of St. Callixtus – Rome, Italy

On All Souls Day on November 2, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Roman catacombs. As our way of commemorating all the faithfully departed and especially the Souls in Purgatory, join Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox for a virtual pilgrimage to an underground cemetery with origins that go back to the Second century. During this episode of Journeys of Hope, you will discover:

  • the history of these catacombs
  • who is buried here
  • the symbolism of the sacred art on many tombs
  • what does this place mean to our faith today

Jewel for the Journey:
Start being brave about everything.  Drive out darkness and spread light.  Don’t look at your weaknesses.  Realize instead that in Christ Crucified you can do everything.  — St. Catherine of Siena

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