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The Tobit Ministry

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox hosted guest Paul Vance, founder of The Tobit Ministry of San Antonio.

This unique ministry devotes itself to the reverential burial of men and women who were homeless and have no other options provided by family or friends. Through contact with various ministries to the homeless, the Tobit Ministry responds to the death of those who live on the streets by facilitating the burial of those individuals in a dignified manner, respecting in each their particular faith and culture. The Tobit Ministry seeks out partnerships with individuals and organizations concerned with the most poor in our community.

Learn more at https://www.tobitministry.org

The Consistent Life Ethic

Greg Camacho talks with Aimee Christine Murphy and Lisa Twigg, President and Social Media Coordinator of Life Matters Journal, about the Consistent Life Movement: what it is, what it isn’t, and what’s going on in an increasingly diverse pro-life movement.