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You are invited to spend some time and reflect on the Questions Jesus Asked, with Pilgrim Center of Hope

Do you find yourself wondering what is the purpose of your life? Have you looked for a sign from God as confirmation in a path you have chosen for your life? Pilgrim Center of Hope Co-Founder & Co-Director Mary Jane Fox leads you on a journey and reflection on these questions such as these. She shares a powerful example of hearing Jesus’ voice in the depth of her heart, which lead to the beginning of Pilgrim Center of Hope!

Also, learn more about the virtue of temperance or “moderation” as it is called in the New Testament.

Meet the Master is a monthly audio retreat from Pilgrim Center of Hope, bringing you into an encounter with Jesus every first Friday.

Presenter: Mary Jane Fox

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We especially would like to thank, the family of Valentin Campos III & Christina Campos, for sponsoring this episode of Meet the Master! Pilgrim Center of Hope is grateful for all our Missionary of Hope supporters who make possible everything we do.

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On Evangelization in the Modern World (Evangelii Nuntiandi) by Paul VI

Pilgrim Center of Hope considers this document central to our work. Each of our staff members reads it!

Readers of Pope Francis’ writings have observed his frequent references to Evangelii Nuntiandi, Venerable Paul VI’s 1975 apostolic exhortation on evangelization. Pope Francis has cited it at least 31 times on at least 11 different occasions, including 13 times in his new apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. Evangelii Nuntiandi is an important part of the soil from which the teaching of Evangelii Gaudium has sprung; to use another image, they are akin to two plates of a diptych.

On May 17, Pope Francis said that Evangelii Nuntiandi included words that “are as timely as if they had been written yesterday”; on June 13, he called it “a very full text that has lost nothing of its timeliness”; and on July 27, as he spoke about evangelization, he called the document “that basic point of reference which remains relevant.” On June 22, he went so far as to describe it as “to my mind the greatest pastoral document that has ever been written to this day”.

While much has changed since 1975, several Catholics recognized for their expertise in evangelization agree wholeheartedly with Pope Francis’s assessment of the importance and continued relevance of Evangelii Nuntiandi.

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