Strong Catholic Marriages

Marriage is the normal way in which God calls people to be sanctified through love for one another. And yet, as commonplace as it is, it’s not easy–especially in today’s world. This week, Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI, talks with Greg and Julie Alexander of the Alexander House marriage apostolate. Together they’ll explore the keys to a happy, lasting married life!

Marriage, Family and the Synod

In October 2015, the Catholic bishops worldwide held a Synod on the Family. Among its hottest topics was marriage. In this episode of Catholicism Live!, Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI, speaks with Canon Lawyer Fr. Gregory Chahinian about marriage in the eyes of the Church today.

Life Beyond Divorce

What kind of insights and resources does the Church provide for divorced Catholics? Are divorced Catholics in full communion with the Church?

This episode, Sally Gomez-Jung and Margaret Pruett join host Greg Camacho to talk about how the Catholic Church desires for her divorced members to fully participate in the life of the Church, with helpful tips and support for healing and growing after suffering through divorce.

Free from Vasectomy

Why would a man opt to have a vasectomy, then decide to reverse it?

We spoke with Dr. Mark Hickman, a local Catholic surgeon whose medical ministry reverses vasectomies, as well as Steve & Mary Van Sciver, who experienced a total marriage transformation after having Steve’s vasectomy reversed.  How and why?

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Marriage Encounter

How’s your marriage doing?

Not married – but know some married folks? We talk marriage tips and goals from Marriage Encounter, a unique program dedicated to strengthening marriages at the local level, across the world.

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Catholic Infertility Solutions

Are you or someone you know struggling with infertility?

Join us to discover hope. We welcome Dr. Steven Pilkington, an OB/GYN practicing at Dignity Women’s Center in San Antonio, who is trained in exciting new solutions for Catholic couples struggling with infertility.

We’ll also discuss some of the immoral practices to avoid when seeking help with infertility, and why it’s so important for couples to be aware of these.

Catholicism Live! was a weekly program produced by Pilgrim Center of Hope from the early 2000s until 2019.