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Pilgrimages – Journeys of Faith

What is a pilgrimage? And what makes that pilgrimage an authentic spiritual journey?

Join Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox – co-founders and directors of Pilgrim Center of Hope –  as they share their 30-years of experience leading customized journeys of faith to the Holy Land, Italy, and to the sites in Portugal, France and Mexico where our Blessed Mother appeared.

Whether you are considering going on an international pilgrimage – or simply want to hear their description of what it means to be on pilgrimage or to be a pilgrim people, you will want to listen.

The Foxes have been prayerfully conducting pilgrimages since 1984. They have visited the Holy Land over 50-times and offered their spiritual direction to thousands of pilgrims seeking a journey of hope. For many of the pilgrims, these journeys have led them into authentic discipleship and transformation both individually and collectively.

Hear about all the moments of grace along the way, including the testimony of one pilgrim, whose life has been forever-changed by the experience. They will describe how going on an authentic spiritual journey is like walking into the Scriptures, engaging all the senses…truly connecting heaven and earth!


The Miraculous Medal

You’ve probably seen the Miraculous Medal on a necklace or bracelet before, with Mary standing on a cloud, grace-filled light pouring from her hands. But do you know the history behind it?

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane talk about how this popular devotion started and spread throughout the world.

Listen here:

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Miraculous Medal Pamphlet — a short and informative document on the Miraculous Medal, created by Pilgrim Center of Hope.

The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal — a prayer family and resource hub for those interested in the Miraculous Medal.


The Relics of St. Charbel

Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox spoke with Fr. Charles Khachan in preparation for the visit of St. Charbel’s relics in San Antonio, Texas. Learn about this important Lebanese saint and mystic.


Prayer for St. Charbel’s Intercession

Lord, infinitely holy and glorified in your saints, you have inspired Charbel to lead the perfect life of a hermit. We thank you for granting him the blessing and strength to detach himself from the world so that the heroism of the monastic virtues of poverty, chastity and obedience, could triumph in his hermitage.

We beseech you to grant us the grace of loving and serving you, following his example. Almighty God, who has manifested the power of St. Charbel’s intercession through countless miracles and favors, grant us…

(State your intention)

through his intercession. Amen.

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be…


Unlocking Christian Symbols

What are symbols? How are they different from signs? Learn about the meanings of popular symbols in our Christian faith that we see in churches and other places. We dive into this topic with Fr. Rodolfo Caballero.

The Miraculous Medal

How can a little piece of metal be called “miraculous”?

In November 2011, the Pilgrim Center of Hope organized and led a Marian Pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes and Shrines of  Paris.  One of those Shrines in Paris is located in the center of town on a street called Rue de Bac.  It is there, where Mary, the Mother of God appeared to a nun in 1830 and gave her a unique mission – to have a medal made with the image Mary gave her.   Learn why this mission since 1830 has been instrumental for thousands of healings, conversions and hope!  Hear about a powerful conversion and this special sacramental, the miraculous medal.


The Prayer of John Paul II in the Chapel of Rue De Bac

«Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. »

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. O Mary, this was the prayer that you gave to Saint Catherine Labouré in the Chapel of the Apparitions, more than one hundred and fifty years ago! […]
This invocation, engraved on the Miraculous Medal, is now worn and repeated by the faithful throughout the world!

Blessed are you among women!

You are intimately associated with the work of our Redemption, associated with the Cross of our Savior, your heart has been pierced, next to his heart. And now, in the glory of your Son, you never cease to intercede for us, poor sinners.

You watch over the Church for you are its Mother. You watch over each of your Children. From God, you obtain for us, all graces that are symbolized by the rays of light which radiate from your open hands, and the only condition that you demand of us is that we approach with the confidence, the hardiness, and the simplicity of a child. And it is thus that you bring us before your Divine Son.

John Paul II (1980)