St. Rose of Lima – San Antonio, TX

This week’s spiritual pilgrimage is dedicated to the first saint of the Americas, St. Rose of Lima! Come along with Angela Sealana on a journey through St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, located on the West side of San Antonio, TX. As mentioned on their website, the mission of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church is to love and know Christ, to practice His teachings as revealed to His bride the Church in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. This parish contains a magnificent collection of religious art that is unique to Christians from the Americas.

During our journey, you will:

  • Take a virtual pilgrimage to St. Rose of Lima Church in San Antonio, Texas
  • Learn about St. Rose, the first saint of the Americas
  • Be inspired in your Christian journey, by the strength & example of St. Rose

Click here to visit St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church’s official website.

From the Archdiocese of San Antonio archives, courtesy of Elvira Sanchez Kisser, Director of Archives and Records Management:
St. Rose of Lima Catholic parish in San Antonio, Texas, was established in 1981 under Archbishop Patricio Flores. The founding pastor, Rev. Kevin E. Ryan, polled the new parishioners for a name with a poll of four names, including Our Lady of Peace, St. Rose of Lima, St. Bernadette, and St. Theresa of Avila. Archbishop Flores suggested St. Rose of Lima and possibly St. Bernadette in his letter of August 31, 1981. In February of 1982, 10.3 acres of land for future were acquired. In 1996, the parish received permission for an additional 4 adjacent acres.  In 2007, Archbishop Jose Gomez blessed the new mosaics of the bell tower which, in addition to the current building completed in 2005, was erected under longtime pastor Rev. Juan Alfaro.
(Special thanks to Joann Hopkins of Today’s Catholic newspaper for assistance in obtaining this information.)

Featured images of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church from the parish’s Official Facebook PageAll rights reserved.

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Jewel for the Journey:

“Let all know that grace follows tribulation.” – Words of Christ as reported by St. Rose of Lima

A Closer Look at This Week’s Journey:

Where is St. Rose of Lima Located?

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