St. Margaret’s Chapel – Edinburgh, Scotland

It’s time to add another stamp to your spiritual passport! Join Angela Sealana on a spiritual pilgrimage to St. Margaret Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland. This chapel is the oldest building in all of Edinburgh, and it is located within Edinburgh Castle grounds! The chapel’s namesake, St. Margaret’s was an English princess who became a Scottish queen, and the strength of her character and impact continues to unite Scotland’s people.

On today’s journey, you will:

  • Explore the Chapel, its history, and the Castle which houses it
  • Hear about the life of this inspiring saint
  • Learn about how she can teach, encourage & inspire us today

Click here to visit Edinburgh Castle’s official website.

We are so grateful to this month’s sponsors, Bill & Lupita Winters, who made this podcast episode possible.

Featured Images courtesy of the St. Margaret’s Chapel Guild. All rights reserved.

Listen to this program now:

Jewel for the Journey:

“Every word that she uttered, every act that she performed, showed that she was meditating on the things of Heaven.” – Turgot of Durham, St. Margaret’s Biographer

Get More Out of Your Journey with These Resources:

Socials with the Saints – St. Margaret of Scotland

Video – St. Margaret’s Chapel Service 2022

A Closer Look at This Week’s Journey:

Images courtesy of the St. Margaret’s Chapel Guild. All rights reserved.

Where is St. Margaret’s Chapel Located?

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