Santa Fe, NM – A Hidden Gem, Holy Dirt, and a Miraculous Staircase

Come on a journey with our Media Production Assistant, Jason Nunez, as we spiritually travel to three pilgrimage destinations in Santa Fe, NM. Our itinerary includes visits to St. Anne’s Catholic Church, El Santuario de Chimayo (Chimayo Sanctuary), and The Loretto Chapel – home of the Miraculous Staircase. Each one of these holy sites offers its own unique charm and beauty! Catholicism is so beautiful!

During our time together, your host will discuss:

  • A brief history of New Mexico.
  • What is Holy Dirt?
  • What makes the staircase in The Loretto Chapel, miraculous?
  • Much More!

Listen to this program now:

Jewel for the Journey: 

“For those with faith, no evidence is necessary; for those without it, no evidence will suffice.” – St Thomas Aquinas

A Closer Look at these Holy Sites:

Statues at St. Ann Catholic Church:


Where is St. Anne Catholic Church?

Where is El Santuario de Chimayo (Chimayo Sanctuary)?

Where is The Loretto Chapel?

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