Sponsorship Opportunities at Catholic Conferences

San Antonio, Texas

  • Your Brand Across Platforms

    Sponsors are recognized across our Print, Audio-visual, and Web platforms!

  • Local Relationship

    Thousands of men and women will witness your support for their journey toward hope, in a local setting.

  • Show You Care

    Attendees will be encouraged to patronize your organization.

  • Long-Term Possibilities

    Many report keeping their conference booklet as a daily companion.

How can we draw women, men, and their families, to encounter Christ and find hope in daily life? Each year, our non-profit ministry organizes exciting conferences in San Antonio to teach, inspire, and challenge men and women to live their unique dignity as children of God.

Catholic Seniors’ Conference | Catholic Men’s Conference | Catholic Women’s Conference

What can one conference do?

Fruits we have seen include:

  • Lives saved from self-harm
  • Vocations serving the Church
  • Saved marriages
  • Return to the practice of faith
  • Men & women returning to their family, workplace, and parish on fire with the Holy Spirit.
The urgent need

Producing these annual conferences costs Pilgrim Center of Hope approximately $200,000 every year! This is a high expense for our small, non-profit organization existing on private donations. Because we strive to offer these conferences without financially burdening attendees, we are asking for your help as a conference sponsor.

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