Pledge to Give by Bank Draft

Thank you for helping us ‘cast the net’!

Simply contact your bank & request BILL PAY (which is equivalent to “bank draft”).

This allows you to automatically send Pilgrim Center of Hope…

  • a one-time payment
  • or repeating payment.

Once this is set up, Pilgrim Center of Hope will typically receive a check from your bank in the mail.

Tips & Notes

How to Contact Your Bank: Either set up the bill pay service through your online banking account – or – by calling your bank and getting help to do so over the phone. (Your bank does not need us to contact them to set up this service.)

What Information to Provide: Our name, phone number, address, and the amount you wish to send:

Pilgrim Center of Hope
7680 Joe Newton, San Antonio, TX 78251

Note: Entering an account number is -not- applicable when setting up bank draft/bill pay for Pilgrim Center of Hope; so if you are asked to enter one, you can skip that step.

Let Us Know to Expect Your Payment

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