How to Stop Saying, “If Only…”? | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO - If you catch yourself focusing on what you lack, give Eddie 3 minutes to guide you back on-track. Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

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Find Peace in the Silence of Life

ARTICLE – Let’s face it… noise; whether it’d be electronic, people, or even music; can fill us, but not fulfill us. How does one find God in silence? Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Co-Founder & Co-Director, Mary Jane Fox, shares some thoughts on how silence can lead to peace.

Seeking Answers from Jesus

ARTICLE – Are you looking for answers to questions such as, “Why is (fill-in-the-blank) happening?”, “What do you want me to do with my life?”, or “Should I choose Option A or Option B?” Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Media Coordinator, Angela Sealana offers some thoughts, when looking to Jesus for answers.

Talking to Jesus | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – How does talking to God and Jesus work? Busy as an Attorney-At-Law, Victor Negron explains how this important prayer works. Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Staying the Course When Praying

ARTICLE – Have we become accustomed to efficiency? God does things in His own way and in His own time. God answers all prayer that is for our good and the good of his kingdom. Find insight on how to stay the course when praying, in this week’s Pilgrim Log.

Having Faith Even When We Do Not “See”

ARTICLE – How do you keep your faith in God even when you do not see? No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, there is an opportunity to search your heart, then you will see.

Jerusalem – Church of Pater Noster – A New Journey

AUDIO – Discover the place where Jesus taught his disciples to pray the “Our Father,” hear it in Aramaic, and learn about how this prayer relates to our daily lives.

Pruning My Own Branches

ARTICLE – Can you correctly identify those branches in you that are either not bearing fruit or are not bearing enough fruit? Wondering how to identify them? Read this week’s Pilgrim Log for some practical ways in how to do so.

Divine Mercy: Where Hope And Healing Are Found

ARTICLE – We often go through life, defining ourselves by our worst sin. This can continually keep us down. God loves us with his divine mercy. Every part of us that feels condemned, our Heavenly Father wants to turn into a fountain of life. Find a message of hope and healing here.

Jesus, A Mighty Name! | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – When facing challenges, do you wonder “what am I to do?” Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

ENCORE: Gethsemane & The Agony in the Garden

AUDIO – Travel to the foot of the Mount of Olives and discover the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus, Son of God, spent time with his disciples. Hear about what it’s like today, and discover what does it mean to watch and pray. How can we draw strength from our Lord’s suffering?