The Church of the Holy Sepulcher – The Empty Tomb

Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox for a spiritual pilgrimage…

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Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem

AUDIO – Come on a journey to this ancient basilica, shared by many faiths, encompassing the site of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, anointing, and burial, as well as many other ancient tombs and chapels.

Local Prisoners Touch Calvary

Left: Looking up from inside the cell, seeing the hole from which Jesus would have been lowered by a rope around his waist. Right: Pilgrims gather inside the cell to […]

Naked Before God

Naked before God.   That is how I felt; a pilgrim who did not deserve to be standing atop Mount Calvary in Jerusalem. Dim candlelight revealed the edges of the […]

A Doctor at Calvary: The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ As Described by a Surgeon

RESOURCE – What the Gospels don’t reveal about Christ’s sufferings, science does. This book provides a forensic pathologist’s analysis of the Shroud of Turin.

The Passion of Jesus: How It Really Happened

VIDEO – Finding insights from the Shroud of Turin from an expert, we reflect upon and appreciate this turning point in history and our faith.

The Resurrection In the Gospel

RESOURCE – A listing of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrected appearances

The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

AUDO & VIDEO – Delve into the Scriptural appearances of Christ to his disciples after the Resurrection, and what lessons they have for us.

The Lord’s Passion

AUDIO – With help from a Shroud of Turin expert, we prayerfully guide you through Christ’s sorrowful Passion.

Pilgrims carry the Cross along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem - January 2017

Stations of the Cross meditations by St. Alphonsus Liguori

RESOURCE – Pray the Stations of the Cross meditations that are most commonly used to reflect on Jesus’ Passion.

Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection

RESOURCE – Pope Benedict XVI examines major questions about the last part of Jesus’ ministry, and helps us understand how this period relates to our lives.