Via Dolorosa

AUDIO - Come on a journey to Jerusalem where the Via Dolorosa is located in the Holy Land and discover how the Stations of the Cross relates to the life of every Christian around the world!

Dive In & Discover

LPJ.org Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

RESOURCE – How can we know what’s happening in with the Christians of the Holy Land?

The Real Bethlehem

VIDEO – What is the REAL Bethlehem like? Today, we will share this beautiful city and its people with you!

Holy Land Rosary - Meditations on the Gospel Prayer by Deacon Tom Fox

Holy Land Rosary Booklet by Deacon Tom Fox

RESOURCE – Pray the Rosary and see the places where each mystery took place, with Deacon Tom’s meditations rich in experience from ministry & as a Holy Land pilgrimage leader.

The Land Sanctified By Jesus

AUDIO – Christianity uniquely claims that God purposefully entered into human history, not being contained to legend, but walking, talking, and eating among us in the Holy Land. Hear from people who have followed in his footsteps about their experiences.

Jerusalem - Holy Land

Prayer Service for Peace In the Middle East

AUDIO – Join us in a prayer service for peace in the Middle East.

Blood Brothers - Elias Chacour

Blood Brothers

RESOURCE – We highly recommend this book as a means toward understanding the Holy Land, as well as a preparation for all our Holy Land pilgrims.