Death & Divine Mercy

AUDIO - What happens when I die? It's often a frightening or mysterious question, but we don't have to be anxious. Listen to understand more about God's mercy and 'the last things.'

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Confession and God’s Mercy

AUDIO – We pose your questions about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God’s forgiveness & mercy to an experienced priest.

Remember You Are Loved: Seeing Jesus’ Face

ARTICLE – Imagine God’s gaze upon you. What does his face look like? In Jesus’ look upon us, we find a peace and love that will strengthen us for our entire lives.

Divine Mercy: Unfathomable Gift

VIDEO – How does Divine Mercy change lives? We speak with a married couple that has experienced conversion and peace through devotion to Jesus, God’s mercy.

Redeemed from Destruction

ARTICLE – Has your desire for productivity seeped into your faith or prayer life? “What have I done for God today?” is a common question in religious circles. Sometimes this can lead to scrupulous thoughts and understandings of God. See clearly through this reflection.

Mercy, Love’s Second Name

ARTICLE – Take a few moments to reflect on God’s mercy.

God Looks At You with Love

ARTICLE – Do you or someone you know, feel like God is constantly judging from on-high? How can we know this is a faulty understanding of God, and how can our hearts be healed from this wounded understanding of God?

Mercy: The Secret to Healing

ARTICLE – We all know we are called to do if we profess to name ourselves Christian; followers of Jesus Christ. We must, like our Master, be merciful through the action of forgiving those who hurt us. Read on to find healing through this gift.

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

RESOURCE – How can we incorporate God’s Mercy into our daily lives? Learn some practical ways & find a resource on the Chaplet.

What Is Divine Mercy & Why Is It Important Today?

VIDEO – We all need to be familiar with The Divine Mercy because the keys to a more enriched spiritual life lie in the details of the story. Learn the answers to several important questions to understanding this devotion in our faith.

The Bountiful Divine Mercy of God

The Bountiful Divine Mercy of God

AUDIO – Is God’s Mercy truly limitless? Why does the Catholic Church celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy?