Lonely? Upset? I’m Making A New Start… Here’s How You Can, Too

ARTICLE - Looking to begin anew in 2021? Find comfort in knowing that you can have a new start and bring a friend along as your companion on the journey to begin again. Have hope!

Dive In & Discover

Do I See Myself as God’s Good Creation?

ARTICLE – Why are we spending so much effort trying to look differently than how we have been made? Are we not also created good?

Encouraged, At My Friend’s Funeral

ARTICLE – In a time of grief and loss, we can find inspiration and encouragement in the sacred remembrance of our loved ones.

Love or hate?

AUDIO & ARTICLE – Sometimes the things we experience can change the course of our lives and have a profound effect on how we see our self and others. If you struggle between love & hate, find hope here.

Three Steps to A More Thankful Attitude

VIDEO – Do you find it difficult to maintain a spirit of gratitude during stressful times? Find 3 simple ways to remind you of the many blessings, gifts, and good things you have received or experienced during the past year and throughout your lifetime.

All About Angels

VIDEO – What are angels? How are they able to help us? We look at the Church’s teaching and separate myths from the supernatural realities.

In a Foreign Land: Refugees in San Antonio

AUDIO – We speak with a young woman refugee from Tanzania, whose parents fled the Rwandan Genocide. Learn what local Catholic ministries are doing to assist refugees. How are we as Catholics called to minister to them?

The Yes of Jesus Christ by Pope Benedict XVI

RESOURCE – Recommended book about answering the greatest questions of human existence, with Jesus

Emotions and the Spiritual Life

AUDIO – How can we healthily integrate our emotions with our spiritual life? Is it possible? Father Ed speaks with a licensed professional counselor.

John Paul II

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering

RESOURCE – This letter by John Paul II explores the ways we experience suffering, and how we find hope, meaning and purpose in Christ.