Lonely? Upset? I’m Making A New Start… Here’s How You Can, Too

ARTICLE - Looking to begin anew in 2021? Find comfort in knowing that you can have a new start and bring a friend along as your companion on the journey to begin again. Have hope!

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Fr Patrick Martin

God Redeems It All

VIDEO – Blind priest Fr. Patrick A. Martin provides a message of hope about how God redeems our experiences of suffering and “brokenness.” (Includes ASL interpretation.)

In Suffering: Where Is God Now?

ARTICLE – In times like these, it can be especially challenging for humanity to believe in an all-loving, all-powerful God. In this reflection, see where God is present in suffering.

Seniors: The Joy of Being Known by God

VIDEO – Dr. Margarett Schlientz speaks a message of hope especially to senior citizens from her experience in ministry and psychiatric nursing, about God’s grace for our daily lives.

How Unexpected Experiences Can Become A Blessing

ARTICLE – Taking St. Anthony de Padua as an example, we reflect on how unexpected experiences and trials can become blessings for us from God. Gain hope and courage to move forward with a new outlook!

Inspiration from Former Slave: God’s Call for Us Is Possible!

ARTICLE – If you are looking for encouragement and inspiration to persevere in your Christian journey, look to the example of this saint’s life. How can we truly fulfill what God is asking us to do?

Conversions Through Our Witness

ARTICLE – Are you worried about a loved one who has forgotten their faith? Looking to inspiring studies in real-life and data, we show how much hope is on the horizon for the Church. See how you can support those in your life who have either fallen-away or turned away from their faith.

Clearing the Way for the Love & Mercy of Jesus Christ

ARTICLE – Do you feel too far away from God’s mercy? Looking to two ordinary people in Scripture, we reflect on the hope that is in store for each of us, regardless of our past.

The Wonders of Expectation: Remaining with God When Our Expectations Aren’t Met

ARTICLE – What about those times when we step out of our comfort zone, take courage in God’s grace… and our miracle does not come? Those times when we do not feel rejection from our fellow man, but from God himself?

What Am I Living For? Hope When All Seems Lost

ARTICLE – Life can rush past us so quickly. That is—until we hit a wall; illness, death of a loved one, a financial challenge, relationship problem, employment crisis, etc. Then, it seems we all pause and find ourselves wondering: What is the meaning of all this? What am I living for? Find hope in this reflection.

Approaching Life Transitions – A Quick Guide for Christians

ARTICLE – When we face a change in our lives, how can Christians find motivation to keep going? Through looking at Jesus, find answers and concrete steps to begin your journey with hope.