Merciful Love | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO - Christianity is different! Lloyd Greenhaw explains how. Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

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New Birth In the Fire of Pentecost

AUDIO – How can your life be changed by God’s gifts and spiritual presence? Learn from internationally-renowned biblical teacher, Fr. George Montague, SM, about the Holy Spirit’s power!

How Can the Holy Spirit Help Us? | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – A few reasons why you won’t want to forget the Holy Spirit; watch this short message of hope – part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

VIDEO – Why do charismatic Catholics talk about ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’? What is the basis for emphasis on this gift?

Living Fully Alive, Right Now

ARTICLE – During these times we may have lost much, but if the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us because we have chosen to live in a faithful relationship with God, we can be confident that we will be “fully alive,” now and for all eternity.

Do I Know the Holy Spirit?

ARTICLE – Other than when you make the sign of the Cross or pray the Apostles’ Creed, how often do you mention or talk to the Holy Spirit? If you said, not very often… well, you are not alone.

Holy Spirit window at St. Peter's Basilica

Healing and The Holy Spirit

VIDEO – The Scriptures contain numerous references to the healing power of God. We’ll discover what this healing is all about with Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI.