The Ultimate Fruit | Meet Mary

VIDEO - Fr. Bruce shares a powerful personal story. Watch this short message of hope - part of the Meet Mary series.

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Finding Peace In Jesus | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Looking for peace? Our friend, Fr. Bruce Nieli, CSP, of the Missionary Society of Saint Paul the Apostle, shares a message of encouragement and hope for one and all. Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Pruning My Own Branches

ARTICLE – Can you correctly identify those branches in you that are either not bearing fruit or are not bearing enough fruit? Wondering how to identify them? Read this week’s Pilgrim Log for some practical ways in how to do so.

Amidst Chaos: Simple but Powerful Steps to Peace & Trust In God

ARTICLE – As life piles up, how can we maintain peace and trust in God? Simple, but powerful steps are just a click away.

The Holy Spirit’s Anointing

AUDIO – How can we grow in our relationship with the Holy Spirit? Learn about the gift of Baptism of the Holy Spirit that charismatic Catholics aim to share.

Upper Room – Jerusalem

AUDIO – Take a virtual pilgrimage to the place where the early Christians received the Holy Spirit, hear about its rich history and cultural context, and hear about how the Holy Spirit makes a difference in the life of every Christian.

Celebrating a Charismatic Jubilee

VIDEO – How can we grow in relationship with the Holy Spirit? What is the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement? You may be surprised how accessible this spiritual movement is for all Catholics.

God’s Powerful Gift for Us

ARTICLE – How did Jesus give the Holy Spirit to the Church? Where have we seen its power? See how you can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

New Birth In the Fire of Pentecost

AUDIO – How can your life be changed by God’s gifts and spiritual presence? Learn from internationally-renowned biblical teacher, Fr. George Montague, SM, about the Holy Spirit’s power!

How Can the Holy Spirit Help Us? | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – A few reasons why you won’t want to forget the Holy Spirit; watch this short message of hope – part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

VIDEO – Why do charismatic Catholics talk about ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’? What is the basis for emphasis on this gift?