My Father’s Story of Healing | Meet Mary

VIDEO - You are not alone! Watch this short message of hope - part of the Meet Mary series.

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The Father’s Blessing

AUDIO – Even if our relationship with our father was generally healthy, many of us experienced a wound from him that has had ripple effects on our adult life. Learn about how to heal with our divine Father’s blessing.

Emotions and the Spiritual Life

AUDIO – How can we healthily integrate our emotions with our spiritual life? Is it possible? Father Ed speaks with a licensed professional counselor.

Life Beyond Divorce

AUDIO – Hear about how the Catholic Church desires for divorced members to fully participate in the life of the Church, with helpful tips and support for healing and growing after suffering through divorce.

Holy Spirit window at St. Peter's Basilica

Healing and The Holy Spirit

VIDEO – The Scriptures contain numerous references to the healing power of God. We’ll discover what this healing is all about with Fr. Ed Hauf, OMI.

Letter to Women

RESOURCE – Did you know a pope wrote a letter addressed to all women in the world?

John Paul II

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering

RESOURCE – This letter by John Paul II explores the ways we experience suffering, and how we find hope, meaning and purpose in Christ.

Holy Land

Forgiveness in the Holy Land

AUDIO – Hear from an Israeli and a Palestinian who gave presentations around San Antonio about personal loss and their experience with forgiveness in the Holy Land conflict.