My Father’s Story of Healing | Meet Mary

VIDEO - You are not alone! Watch this short message of hope - part of the Meet Mary series.

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Trusting What God Says About Me

ARTICLE – Do you struggle with self-doubt, worry, or feelings of being unloved? This reflection will help you set things straight, as we look to what God says about you.

Clearing the Way for the Love & Mercy of Jesus Christ

ARTICLE – Do you feel too far away from God’s mercy? Looking to two ordinary people in Scripture, we reflect on the hope that is in store for each of us, regardless of our past.

Are You Prepared To Receive Jesus?

ARTICLE – How can we prepare ourselves to receive Jesus? (Especially written for Advent)

Journeys With the Living Stones – Capernaum

AUDIO – Come on a spiritual journey to Capernaum, the home of Jesus during the last three years of his public ministry. This thriving fishing port on the Sea of Galilee is where Jesus called five of the Apostles and where he preached in the local synagogue.

What Am I Living For? Hope When All Seems Lost

ARTICLE – Life can rush past us so quickly. That is—until we hit a wall; illness, death of a loved one, a financial challenge, relationship problem, employment crisis, etc. Then, it seems we all pause and find ourselves wondering: What is the meaning of all this? What am I living for? Find hope in this reflection.

Peace or Division: Did Jesus Contradict Himself?

ARTICLE – Was Jesus the Prince of Peace? Why did he say that he came to establish division? How can we deal with these seeming contradictions in Scripture as Christians?

Redeemed from Destruction

ARTICLE – Has your desire for productivity seeped into your faith or prayer life? “What have I done for God today?” is a common question in religious circles. Sometimes this can lead to scrupulous thoughts and understandings of God. See clearly through this reflection.

What Effect Does the Lord’s Prayer Have?

ARTICLE – Deacon Tom dives into the Lord’s Prayer; not only the meaning, but also the effects of this powerful prayer given to us by Jesus.

What Does It Cost to Be Free? My Experience of Forgiveness

ARTICLE – In a reflection on the places where Jesus experienced his Passion, be encouraged on your journey toward forgiveness and healing.

What Jesus Offers Us, the World Does Not

ARTICLE – Have you ever asked yourself what inspired men to drop everything to follow Jesus, when He called out to each of them? How is it that a man whose life depends on his career, leave his work to follow a man named Jesus?  What did they see or experience that would cause them to follow?