My Father’s Story of Healing | Meet Mary

VIDEO - You are not alone! Watch this short message of hope - part of the Meet Mary series.

Dive In & Discover

Is It Selfish to Ask God for Healing?

ARTICLE – Is it selfish to ask God to heal me? We offer encouragement and hope on this very topic.

Find Healing: What’s Stopping You? | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Feeling stuck? Discouraged? Fearful? Get simple advice from Mary Jane, for your journey toward healing… Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Meet the Master

Having A Relationship with Jesus | Meet the Master

AUDIO – ARTICLE & VIDEO – Do you have a relationship with Jesus, the Divine Master? Learn from the example of Jesus in his words and actions. This presentation is part of a monthly series; Meet the Master.

River Jordan – The Site of Jesus’ Baptism

AUDIO – Come on a virtual pilgrimage to the destination because it is the site where Jesus, the Son of God was baptized!

Finding God in the Chaos

VIDEO – Whether you are a professional or specialize in full-time home & family needs… Need help finding God in the midst of a busy schedule or chaotic life? We have some great tips for you.

Self-Love is Not Selfishness

ARTICLE – How do we combat the lack of self-love?

A Path to Interior Freedom

ARTICLE – What do you think of when you hear the word commandment? Does that bring forth a negative thought? God’s commandments are a gesture of love, wanting to protect his children from danger. 

Freedom from Demonic Influence In Our Lives

VIDEO – Do you feel spiritually oppressed? Hear from persons who have prayed for others to be healed from demonic influence, and about the importance of freedom in Christ.

Jericho – West Bank, Palestine

AUDIO – Journey to Jericho, the oldest city in the world, where Jesus healed Bartimaeus of blindness & met Zaccheus.

The Gaze of Jesus Can Heal | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – How is it that a man whose life depends on his career, would leave his work to follow a man named Jesus? What did his disciples see or experience that would cause them to follow him? Watch this short message of hope – part of the Journey with Jesus series.