Avila, Spain – The Extraordinary Life of St. Teresa of Avila

AUDIO - Come on an audio pilgrimage with Mary Jane Fox to Avila, Spain as she unpacks the extraordinary life of St. Teresa of Avila! Did you know the Child Jesus appeared to her? Find out where and learn more about this inspiring saint on this week's Journeys of Hope. St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us!

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Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires

AUDIO – Come with us to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and learn about a Eucharistic Miracle that occurred in 1996. Hear about the scientific investigation that revealed the presence of human blood and DNA, plus much more!

What’s In A Name? | Meet Mary

VIDEO – What is the meaning behind the Virgin Mary’s name? What about your name? Watch this short message of hope – part of the Meet Mary series.

The Compassion of Jesus

AUDIO – So many people today do not believe God loves them. Come on a journey with Mary Jane Fox to discover the tenderness and compassion of Jesus.

Divine Mercy: Where Hope And Healing Are Found

ARTICLE – We often go through life, defining ourselves by our worst sin. This can continually keep us down. God loves us with his divine mercy. Every part of us that feels condemned, our Heavenly Father wants to turn into a fountain of life. Find a message of hope and healing here.

Krakow, Poland – Divine Mercy Sanctuary

Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox for a virtual pilgrimage to the holy site of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Krakow, Poland. This is the site where our Lord […]

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher – The Empty Tomb

Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox for a spiritual pilgrimage to the holiest site for all Christians, the Tomb of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. This has been identified as […]

The Virgin Mary | Meet Mary

VIDEO – What does Eve in the Old Testament have in connection with Mary in the New Testament? Watch this short message of hope – part of the Meet Mary series.

What Are You Looking For?

ARTICLE – What Are You Looking For? Jesus’ question stirs in the heart of every one of us. Many people don’t know what they are looking for or how to bring meaning to their life. Find steps here to direct your search, by finding life in Jesus.

My Father’s Story of Healing | Meet Mary

VIDEO – You are not alone! Watch this short message of hope – part of the Meet Mary series.

Is It Selfish to Ask God for Healing?

ARTICLE – Is it selfish to ask God to heal me? We offer encouragement and hope on this very topic.