When We Ask God, "Why?"

ARTICLE - We all have asked and will ask, “why.” See how we can learn from the apostles in the Gospel and find greater trust in God's promises of love and life.

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Divine Mercy: Unfathomable Gift

VIDEO – How does Divine Mercy change lives? We speak with a married couple that has experienced conversion and peace through devotion to Jesus, God’s mercy.

Jesus, Help Me to Forgive | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – If you need help forgiving, find guidance here. Daily short messages of hope for our time; Journey with Jesus.

Jesus, I Ask for Healing | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Are you looking for healing? Start here. Daily short messages of hope for our time; Journey with Jesus.

Becoming People of Hope

VIDEO – Today, we can be easily discouraged amid bleak headlines, divisive words, and life’s many challenges. How can we make a difference in a world that seems to have lost hope? With joy and humor, Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy visited San Antonio to celebrate Pilgrim Center of Hope’s 25 year anniversary and re-awaken us to the hope that God gives.

God Is Close to Us

VIDEO – Professional counselor, wife, mother, and spiritual director Jeannette Santos provides a message of hope about how God is close to us especially in our times of need, suffering, and distress. (Includes ASL interpretation.)

Fr Patrick Martin

God Redeems It All

VIDEO – Blind priest Fr. Patrick A. Martin provides a message of hope about how God redeems our experiences of suffering and “brokenness.” (Includes ASL interpretation.)

In Suffering: Where Is God Now?

ARTICLE – In times like these, it can be especially challenging for humanity to believe in an all-loving, all-powerful God. In this reflection, see where God is present in suffering.

Healing Life’s Deepest Wounds

VIDEO – Fr. Ed Hauf and Dr. Lisa Landry discuss healing Father/Mother wounds: what they are, their effects, and how to find healing.

Trusting What God Says About Me

ARTICLE – Do you struggle with self-doubt, worry, or feelings of being unloved? This reflection will help you set things straight, as we look to what God says about you.

Clearing the Way for the Love & Mercy of Jesus Christ

ARTICLE – Do you feel too far away from God’s mercy? Looking to two ordinary people in Scripture, we reflect on the hope that is in store for each of us, regardless of our past.