Joy in Tying the Knot!

ARTICLE - When couples “tie the knot”, it is a sign of their willingness to love and sacrifice for their spouse. In this week's Pilgrim Log, Mary Jane Fox offers great insight on this special topic.

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Together in Holiness

VIDEO – We all know there’s an increasing need of resources for married couples who face a multitude of challenges. During this program, find ways to grow in your faith together!

Amoris Laetitia: The Joy of Love

AUDIO – Listen in on a discussion with a canon lawyer about Pope Francis’ letter on the role of love and mercy today.

Aging Gracefully

AUDIO – What are the graces that come with old age? We discuss these as well as caring for the elderly infirm from a Catholic perspective.

The Father’s Blessing

AUDIO – Even if our relationship with our father was generally healthy, many of us experienced a wound from him that has had ripple effects on our adult life. Learn about how to heal with our divine Father’s blessing.

Strong Catholic Marriages

AUDIO – Marriage may be fairly commonplace, but it’s not easy! From the struggles to the joys, we explore the keys to a happy, lasting married life.

The Catholic Seniors’ Conference

VIDEO & AUDIO – Learn about this unique event for senior citizens – and anyone who cares about a senior.

The Tobit Ministry

AUDIO & VIDEO – What happens when homeless individuals die without family? Learn about a unique ministry that is practicing the works of mercy.

Marriage, Family and the Synod

AUDIO – With a canon lawyer’s expertise, we learn about what was discussed during the 2015 Synod on the Family, and how it relates to our daily lives.

World Meeting of Families

AUDIO – Did you know there was a World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Pope Francis? Hear all about it!

The Consistent Life Ethic

AUDIO – What is the Consistent Life Movement? What it is not? Hear about what’s going on in an increasingly diverse pro-life movement.