Praying with Others | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO - What’s the most effective way to pray? How can I pray with others? Watch this short message of hope; part of the Journey with Jesus series.

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Food and Faith!

AUDIO – How can we grow in our faith while appreciating the gift of food? We talk with ‘The Catholic Foodie’ about his vocational formation with Mother Teresa’s community & now as a husband and father who enjoys sharing food with others.

Catholics on Vacation

AUDIO – The summer season often finds us languishing in front of screens all day, but it doesn’t have to! Help your family grow in faith while having fun with these great tips.

Seeking Foster Homes in San Antonio

AUDIO – St. Peter-St. Joseph provides a supportive environment for children in need of emergency shelter, and they’re looking for new foster parents!  Listen to this discussion from a Catholic faith perspective, and learn more about the need in our San Antonio community for foster homes.

Free from Vasectomy

VIDEO – Why would a man opt to have a vasectomy, then decide to reverse it? We speak with a local Catholic surgeon who reverses vasectomies, and a couple whose life was changed by this producedure.

Marriage Encounter

AUDIO – We talk marriage tips and goals from Marriage Encounter, a unique program dedicated to strengthening marriages at the local level, across the world.

Catholic Infertility Solutions

AUDIO – What are solutions for Catholic couples struggling with infertility? We speak with a Catholic Ob-Gyn about this and practices to avoid when seeking help with infertility.

Surviving College as a Catholic

AUDIO – Know someone headed for college soon? Join us as we discuss higher education and Catholic faith with Fr. David Konderla of St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University in College Station. The ‘Aggie Catholic’ campus ministry program is widely considered the best in the nation!