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Finding Joy in Relationships

VIDEO - We dive into Valentine's Day & relationships from a Catholic point of view with tips for couples - plus: How can my relationship with God impact all my relationships?

Dive In & Discover

Strong Catholic Marriages

AUDIO – Marriage may be fairly commonplace, but it’s not easy! From the struggles to the joys, we explore the keys to a happy, lasting married life.

The Catholic Seniors’ Conference

VIDEO & AUDIO – Learn about this unique event for senior citizens – and anyone who cares about a senior.

The Tobit Ministry

AUDIO & VIDEO – What happens when homeless individuals die without family? Learn about a unique ministry that is practicing the works of mercy.

Marriage, Family and the Synod

AUDIO – With a canon lawyer’s expertise, we learn about what was discussed during the 2015 Synod on the Family, and how it relates to our daily lives.

World Meeting of Families

AUDIO – Did you know there was a World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Pope Francis? Hear all about it!

The Consistent Life Ethic

AUDIO – What is the Consistent Life Movement? What it is not? Hear about what’s going on in an increasingly diverse pro-life movement.

Life Beyond Divorce

AUDIO – Hear about how the Catholic Church desires for divorced members to fully participate in the life of the Church, with helpful tips and support for healing and growing after suffering through divorce.

Food and Faith!

AUDIO – How can we grow in our faith while appreciating the gift of food? We talk with ‘The Catholic Foodie’ about his vocational formation with Mother Teresa’s community & now as a husband and father who enjoys sharing food with others.

Catholics on Vacation

AUDIO – The summer season often finds us languishing in front of screens all day, but it doesn’t have to! Help your family grow in faith while having fun with these great tips.

Seeking Foster Homes in San Antonio

AUDIO – St. Peter-St. Joseph provides a supportive environment for children in need of emergency shelter, and they’re looking for new foster parents!  Listen to this discussion from a Catholic faith perspective, and learn more about the need in our San Antonio community for foster homes.