Joy in Tying the Knot!

ARTICLE - When couples “tie the knot”, it is a sign of their willingness to love and sacrifice for their spouse. In this week's Pilgrim Log, Mary Jane Fox offers great insight on this special topic.

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Healing of the Family

VIDEO – Wounds and suffering in our family or our own selves can be a result of the actions of our family members. How can we find healing?

Aging with Grace

VIDEO – Our society does anything but value aging. “Anti-aging” is more than a facial cream or a hair product; it’s a widespread attitude. What does our faith say about aging, besides our need to respect the elderly? What is our calling as we age?

Popes’ Quotes on Elderly

RESOURCE – This Pope Francis quote for seniors’ daily spiritual life also links to more pope quotes about seniors and grandparents.

For Your Marriage

RESOURCE – We recommend this website from the United States bishops for more marriage resources.

Deeper Marriage through Prayer

VIDEO – Learn about an exciting movement to help married couples deepen their spiritual life together!

Serving the Dying

AUDIO – Hear from a Catholic deacon and priest about hospice ministry & advice for families, dealing with a death, and Catholic burial.

How to pray with your spouse

How to Pray with Your Spouse

ARTICLE – In four steps for daily life, learn how to pray with your spouse. You may be surprised!

100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. Join Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox and Pilgrimage Leader, Chris Remmert as they discuss how to have peace in your family and relationships with inspiration from Our Lady of Fatima.

100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

VIDEO – Finding peace in our families and word was the message of Our Lady of Fatima. Hear about her story, and how we can learn from her 100 years later.

Creating a Prayer Space

ARTICLE – A great way to foster prayer in your family is to set up a prayer space. Here’s some basic advice to get started…

Balancing Life & Service

VIDEO – So many of us feel burnt-out or overwhelmed. How common is this feeling? We talk with a licensed counselor & a busy priest: Is it possible to feel at peace and balance all responsibilities?