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Finding Joy in Relationships

VIDEO - We dive into Valentine's Day & relationships from a Catholic point of view with tips for couples - plus: How can my relationship with God impact all my relationships?

Dive In & Discover

ABCs of Catholic Living – Simple outline for a faithful home

ARTICLE – How can we create a Catholic environment in our home? It may be simpler than you think!

Seniors: The Joy of Being Known by God

VIDEO – Dr. Margarett Schlientz speaks a message of hope especially to senior citizens from her experience in ministry and psychiatric nursing, about God’s grace for our daily lives.

Raising Catholic Kiddos

VIDEO – Raising young children is often wonderful – but exhausting! And parenting kids in the faith has its own challenges. Host Greg Camacho and Janet Bonnin, founder of Families of the Way, talk tips and encouragement for raising Catholic little ones.

Healing Life’s Deepest Wounds

VIDEO – Fr. Ed Hauf and Dr. Lisa Landry discuss healing Father/Mother wounds: what they are, their effects, and how to find healing.

Assumption Chapel at St. Mary’s University – San Antonio, TX

AUDIO – Take a virtual walk through the history & art of this chapel on the campus of St. Mary’s University, and learn practical lessons from the Marianist spirituality about prayer and the importance of family, no matter what life situation you may find yourself in.

Cana at Galilee – Holy Land

AUDIO – Travel spiritually to Kafr Cana in the Galilee-region of the Holy Land. This is the site confirmed by the Vatican as Cana of Galilee where the Wedding Feast and changing of water into wine took place.

Healing of the Family

VIDEO – Wounds and suffering in our family or our own selves can be a result of the actions of our family members. How can we find healing?

Aging with Grace

VIDEO – Our society does anything but value aging. “Anti-aging” is more than a facial cream or a hair product; it’s a widespread attitude. What does our faith say about aging, besides our need to respect the elderly? What is our calling as we age?

Popes’ Quotes on Elderly

RESOURCE – This Pope Francis quote for seniors’ daily spiritual life also links to more pope quotes about seniors and grandparents.

For Your Marriage

RESOURCE – We recommend this website from the United States bishops for more marriage resources.