Preparing for Mass: What are You Wearing?

ARTICLE -How do we make ourselves ready for Mass? Do not rush to the feast without properly preparing yourself for the banquet.

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Holy Family, Help Us Be Holy!

ARTICLE – Ordering our life to God is a daily struggle which calls us to perseverance in prayer and the sacramental life.  Our Lord offers us all the grace we need to take one day at a time, and to trust that in the end, everything will be okay if we persevere. It doesn’t mean things will not be difficult; it does mean we will always have hope.

Living Advent as a Family

ARTICLE – Advent is a season of waiting, a season filled with hope. Here are a few tips that will help you and your family.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Ready to face your challenges with more confidence, encouragement, and hope? Watch this short message of hope, part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Do Something to Spread Hope (Here’s How)

ARTICLE – Get some concrete ideas that anyone can do to spread hope right now!

Simple Way to Boost Your Spiritual Life – Advice from a Young Soldier

ARTICLE – After experiencing spiritual discouragement & dryness, Josef Engling began a simple practice in 1916 that he continued as a soldier on the battlefield of World War I.

Praying with Others | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – What’s the most effective way to pray? How can I pray with others? Watch this short message of hope; part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Creating A Prayer Space | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – A simple guide to the why & how of having a dedicated place at home to pray. Watch this short message of hope; part of the Journey with Jesus series.

Seniors: Embraced By God’s Gifts of Age & Grace

VIDEO – Fr. Charlie Banks, OMI, speaks a message of hope especially to senior citizens, about how they are embraced by God’s gifts of age & grace.

ABCs of Catholic Living – Simple outline for a faithful home

ARTICLE – How can we create a Catholic environment in our home? It may be simpler than you think!

Seniors: The Joy of Being Known by God

VIDEO – Dr. Margarett Schlientz speaks a message of hope especially to senior citizens from her experience in ministry and psychiatric nursing, about God’s grace for our daily lives.