Remember You Are Loved: Seeing Jesus' Face

ARTICLE - Imagine God's gaze upon you. What does his face look like? In Jesus' look upon us, we find a peace and love that will strengthen us for our entire lives.

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Jesus, Give Me Courage | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – Take heart & be encouraged! Daily short messages of hope for our time; Journey with Jesus.

Jesus, Show Me Who I Am | Journey with Jesus

VIDEO – How can we discover who we are in Christ? Daily short messages of hope for our time; Journey with Jesus.

Living Fully Alive, Right Now

ARTICLE – During these times we may have lost much, but if the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us because we have chosen to live in a faithful relationship with God, we can be confident that we will be “fully alive,” now and for all eternity.

Need Spiritual Direction?

ARTICLE – Do you need spiritual coaching or direction in your life, but you don’t want to look for a spiritual director… or perhaps think it’s too difficult to find? Here are some tips and encouraging words to help.

Riding the Roller Coaster of Life – Advice from A Saint

ARTICLE – Drawing from St. Ignatius of Loyola’s life and teachings, we look at some practical guidelines to navigate the challenges of daily life and decision-making.

7 Practical Principles for Discerning God’s Will in Our Lives

ARTICLE – It’s a common question: “What does God want?” How do we know? Here are some practical principles (based on Peter Kreeft’s book “Making Choices”) to help you discern God’s will for your life.

Jesus, What Is Your Plan for Me?

ARTICLE – Since God doesn’t send us stone tablets in the mail, how should we know where to go next?

A Simple Guide: How Can I Better Respond to Jesus?

ARTICLE – What does “saying yes to Jesus” look like in our daily lives? Deacon Tom shares from his ministry experience.

Do I See Myself as God’s Good Creation?

ARTICLE – Why are we spending so much effort trying to look differently than how we have been made? Are we not also created good?

Do I Know the Holy Spirit?

ARTICLE – Other than when you make the sign of the Cross or pray the Apostles’ Creed, how often do you mention or talk to the Holy Spirit? If you said, not very often… well, you are not alone.