Friends In High Places

AUDIO – Why do Catholics “pray to saints”? What are the benefits? Why don’t other Christians include the saints in their prayer?

Getting Prayers Answered

AUDIO – Is there a secret to having your prayers answered? What might it mean if you don’t get what you asked God for?

The Importance of Prayer

AUDIO – We discuss the importance of prayer with Fr. Patrick Martin, blind missionary priest.

We Are Made for More: What Our Bodies Tell Us

AUDIO – Our hands can be used to create music or hold a baby, embrace a loved one or plant a garden. Each one of these uses has much to say about God, and that’s just reflecting on the hands! Learn from author Emily Stimpson about the importance and value of your body.

All Things New: Fighting Modern Slavery

AUDIO – As Catholics, we are called to defend human dignity. We look at the urgency of fighting myths and stigmas about women in prostitution, and learn about efforts to combat human trafficking.

Mary Magdalene, Model Woman

AUDIO – How is Mary Magdalene a model for today’s woman? Former evangelical, now Catholic, Scripture teacher Sonja Corbitt explains!

Women’s Dignity and Calling

AUDIO – Three women discuss: What does the Catholic Church really say about women?

Marriage Encounter

AUDIO – We talk marriage tips and goals from Marriage Encounter, a unique program dedicated to strengthening marriages at the local level, across the world.

Tarot cards

Harmless or dangerous?

AUDIO – How can common practices like horoscopes, ouija boards, or going to a curandera be dangerous? We explore these practices from a different angle.

The Miraculous Medal

AUDIO – How can a little piece of metal be called ‘miraculous’? Discover the extraordinary story behind this medal, which has led to many conversions.