Catholics on Vacation

AUDIO – The summer season often finds us languishing in front of screens all day, but it doesn’t have to! Help your family grow in faith while having fun with these great tips.

Believing that You Are Wonderfully Made

AUDIO – We speak with a nationally-known minister about the importance of knowing we are wonderfully made in God’s image.

Prayer 101

AUDIO – Sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics. Join us as we discuss the fundamentals of prayer.

Adding Virtue to Your Life

AUDIO – How can you live a more virtuous life when you’re out of new ideas?

The Land Sanctified By Jesus

AUDIO – Christianity uniquely claims that God purposefully entered into human history, not being contained to legend, but walking, talking, and eating among us in the Holy Land. Hear from people who have followed in his footsteps about their experiences.

Real Spirituality in the Real World

AUDIO – Do you ever feel like you could be more spiritual if it weren’t for the daily struggles of life? Hear about how our spiritual life and ordinary life are not opposed, but in fact, two sides of the same coin!

Seeking Foster Homes in San Antonio

AUDIO – St. Peter-St. Joseph provides a supportive environment for children in need of emergency shelter, and they’re looking for new foster parents!  Listen to this discussion from a Catholic faith perspective, and learn more about the need in our San Antonio community for foster homes.

The Laity & the New Evangelization

AUDIO – You know likely know someone in your family, friends or other circles, who has drifted away or consciously broken with the Catholic faith. We often want to help ignite in them a new sense of the beauty, meaning and peace of our relationship with God and the Church. What lay Catholics can do to evangelize in the modern world?

Mary Knows the Way

AUDIO – Why do Catholics make such a big deal out of Mary if she’s only mentioned in the Bible a few times?

Jerusalem - Holy Land

Prayer Service for Peace In the Middle East

AUDIO – Join us in a prayer service for peace in the Middle East.