Marriage Encounter

AUDIO – We talk marriage tips and goals from Marriage Encounter, a unique program dedicated to strengthening marriages at the local level, across the world.

Tarot cards

Harmless or dangerous?

AUDIO – How can common practices like horoscopes, ouija boards, or going to a curandera be dangerous? We explore these practices from a different angle.

The Miraculous Medal

AUDIO – How can a little piece of metal be called ‘miraculous’? Discover the extraordinary story behind this medal, which has led to many conversions.

Ministry Behind Bars

AUDIO – Do conversions happen in prison? Learn how our archdiocese reaches out to those in the criminal justice system.

Catholic Infertility Solutions

AUDIO – What are solutions for Catholic couples struggling with infertility? We speak with a Catholic Ob-Gyn about this and practices to avoid when seeking help with infertility.

Surviving College as a Catholic

AUDIO – Know someone headed for college soon? Join us as we discuss higher education and Catholic faith with Fr. David Konderla of St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University in College Station. The ‘Aggie Catholic’ campus ministry program is widely considered the best in the nation!

Meet a Jordanian Catholic

AUDIO – What is it like to be a Catholic in a mostly Muslim country? We interview Bassima Sam’an, a native of Jordan, and an active member of the Catholic community & representative who participated in a Vatican conference on women.

Holy Land

Forgiveness in the Holy Land

AUDIO – Hear from an Israeli and a Palestinian who gave presentations around San Antonio about personal loss and their experience with forgiveness in the Holy Land conflict.

Sharing the Gospel Today

AUDIO – After having dedicated their lives to Jesus and his Church for over 20 years, Mary Jane and Tom Fox share their insights about evangelizing. In the second segment, Angela Santana (now Sealana) highlights how marketing insights can help the Church witness to Christ.

Theology of Our Bodies

AUDIO – God made us in his image, but what does that mean? What do our bodies reveal about spiritual realities?