St. Teresa of Avila’s 500th Birthday

AUDIO – Marking the 500th anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila, great reformer of the Carmelite Order and Doctor of the Church, we discuss the important spiritual lessons we can learn from her.

Life Beyond Divorce

AUDIO – Hear about how the Catholic Church desires for divorced members to fully participate in the life of the Church, with helpful tips and support for healing and growing after suffering through divorce.

The Prosperity Gospel and Christian Unity

AUDIO – Does God really bless us financially if we’re obedient? What does our Catholic faith teach about this?

Creativity in the New Evangelization

AUDIO – What are some creative ways to share our faith? Hear ideas from local ministry leaders.

Food and Faith!

AUDIO – How can we grow in our faith while appreciating the gift of food? We talk with ‘The Catholic Foodie’ about his vocational formation with Mother Teresa’s community & now as a husband and father who enjoys sharing food with others.

All About Deacons

AUDIO – What is a deacon? Why do we have them, and what do they do? How does someone become a deacon?

Catholics on Vacation

AUDIO – The summer season often finds us languishing in front of screens all day, but it doesn’t have to! Help your family grow in faith while having fun with these great tips.

Believing that You Are Wonderfully Made

AUDIO – We speak with a nationally-known minister about the importance of knowing we are wonderfully made in God’s image.

Prayer 101

AUDIO – Sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics. Join us as we discuss the fundamentals of prayer.

Adding Virtue to Your Life

AUDIO – How can you live a more virtuous life when you’re out of new ideas?