Padre Pio in the Year of Mercy

AUDIO – We speak with the priest spiritual director for Padre Pio Prayer Group (Shrine of Padre Pio in San Antonio) about this saint & God’s mercy.

Sacred Music in San Antonio

AUDIO – The San Antonio Liederkranz is an all male choir formed by Fr. Henry Pfefferkorn over 100 years ago as the Men’s Choir of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Hear from its choir members about this treasure in San Antonio.

Marriage, Family and the Synod

AUDIO – With a canon lawyer’s expertise, we learn about what was discussed during the 2015 Synod on the Family, and how it relates to our daily lives.

The Relics of St. Charbel

AUDIO – Deacon Tom and Mary Jane Fox talk with Fr. Charles Khachan in preparation for the visit of St. Charbel’s relics in San Antonio, Texas. Learn about this important Lebanese saint and mystic.

New Evangelization, New Media

AUDIO – We speak with a Daughter of St. Paul, Sr. Maria Kim Bui, about the many ways Catholics can use social media in the service of the Gospel.

World Meeting of Families

AUDIO – Did you know there was a World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Pope Francis? Hear all about it!

The Consistent Life Ethic

AUDIO – What is the Consistent Life Movement? What it is not? Hear about what’s going on in an increasingly diverse pro-life movement.

Emotions and the Spiritual Life

AUDIO – How can we healthily integrate our emotions with our spiritual life? Is it possible? Father Ed speaks with a licensed professional counselor.

Youth Ministry in San Antonio

AUDIO – What is youth ministry like today? Hear from two youth ministers with a wealth of experience in San Antonio.

Unlocking Christian Symbols

AUDIO – What are symbols? How are they different from “signs”? Discover symbols in our Christian faith that we see in churches and other holy places. We dive into this topic with Fr. Rodolfo Caballero.