All About Halloween

AUDIO – What are the origins of Halloween? How do we celebrate while avoiding spiritual danger?

Death & Divine Mercy

AUDIO – What happens when I die? It’s often a frightening or mysterious question, but we don’t have to be anxious. Listen to understand more about God’s mercy and ‘the last things.’

Avila, Spain

AUDIO – Come on a journey to the medieval city of Avila & places of the life of mystic and reformer St. Teresa of Avila, the first woman to be honored as a Doctor of the Church.

Basilica of St. Therese – Lisieux, France

AUDIO – Take a spiritual pilgrimage to places of the Little Flower’s life! Hear about her simple spirituality and why she is such an important saint.

Jericho – West Bank, Palestine

AUDIO – Journey to Jericho, the oldest city in the world, where Jesus healed Bartimaeus of blindness & met Zaccheus.

Magdala – Ancient Palestine

AUDIO – A complete look at Magdala in the Holy Land, home of Mary Magdalene. Take a virtual audio tour through the ancient and modern places, and see what we can learn today for our daily lives.

Shrine Our Lady of Torreciudad – Aragon, Spain

Travel with Robert Rodriguez and Angela Sealana to a mountain top in the Pyrenees for a visit to the modern-day Shrine of Our Lady of Torreciudad. This expansive Marian Shrine has been described as both a “work of art,” and “heaven on earth.” Each year, thousands travel to Torreciudad to venerate an 11th century black […]

Divine Mercy image

Confession and God’s Mercy

AUDIO – We pose your questions about the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God’s forgiveness & mercy to an experienced priest.

The Holy Spirit’s Anointing

AUDIO – How can we grow in our relationship with the Holy Spirit? Learn about the gift of Baptism of the Holy Spirit that charismatic Catholics aim to share.

Church of Pater Noster – Jerusalem

AUDIO – Discover the place where Jesus taught his disciples to pray the “Our Father,” hear it in Aramaic, and learn about how this prayer relates to our daily lives.