The Transfiguration Makes a Way for the Cross

ARTICLE – Why was The Transfiguration in yesterday’s readings? Deacon Tom Fox connects the dots for us.

Hope Gets Us Through the Desert

ARTICLE – We would be uneasy with the idea of being in the desert, alone and powerless against the elements and the unknown. Have you ever felt like you were in a figurative desert and wondered how you would carry on? This is where hope comes in.

Is It Selfish to Ask God for Healing?

ARTICLE – Is it selfish to ask God to heal me? We offer encouragement and hope on this very topic.

Take courage! He is calling you.

ARTICLE – Do you feel God is calling you? Do not fear, take courage!

Live Life to the Fullest, with Hope

ARTICLE – Is Jesus the Lord of Your Life? It’s never too late to begin anew with Christ.

Evangelization, What Does it Mean?

ARTICLE – Evangelization, what does it mean and how can I put it into action? Find some insight and a great example, here!

The Eucharist: What is Your Way to Receive Jesus?

ARTICLE – Is the Eucharist a gift or a right? We offer clarity and hope.

Lonely? Upset? I’m Making A New Start… Here’s How You Can, Too

ARTICLE – Looking to begin anew in 2021? Find comfort in knowing that you can have a new start and bring a friend along as your companion on the journey to begin again. Have hope!

Make Time for God and Save Time

ARTICLE – Happy New Year! As we begin this new year, mark your calendar, set your watch to spend time with the Triune God.

Holy Family, Help Us Be Holy!

ARTICLE – Ordering our life to God is a daily struggle which calls us to perseverance in prayer and the sacramental life.  Our Lord offers us all the grace we need to take one day at a time, and to trust that in the end, everything will be okay if we persevere. It doesn’t mean things will not be difficult; it does mean we will always have hope.