God’s Powerful Gift for Us

ARTICLE – How did Jesus give the Holy Spirit to the Church? Where have we seen its power? See how you can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Sacrifices for Dignity & Freedom

ARTICLE – How we can live in the freedom of Christ, just like this heroic Catholic chaplain

Recognizing the Miracles in Your Daily Life

ARTICLE – Do we realize how often God works miracles in our lives? If we look at Jesus’ simple invitation for us, we will see the key to unlocking a new vision for every day.

Meet Pope St. Paul VI

ARTICLE & VIDEO – He went down in history for many reasons, but who is he? See why he is one of our patron saints.

Simple Way to Boost Your Spiritual Life – Advice from a Young Soldier

ARTICLE – After experiencing spiritual discouragement & dryness, Josef Engling began a simple practice in 1916 that he continued as a soldier on the battlefield of World War I.

Following the Good Shepherd with 3 shepherd children

ARTICLE – Based on a simple prayer from heaven, we can learn to recognize the voice of Jesus through life’s challenges.

Meet the Master: Jesus’ Tenderness

ARTICLE & VIDEO – Spend time reflecting on Jesus’ tenderness. Enter into relevant Scripture, to encounter Jesus in his words and actions. Receive relevant direction and elaboration from the Church tradition and teaching. Be introduced to a role model of faith; a saint who helps us understand Jesus’ tenderness.

When We Ask God, “Why?”

ARTICLE – We all have asked and will ask, “why.” See how we can learn from the apostles in the Gospel and find greater trust in God’s promises of love and life.

Remember You Are Loved: Seeing Jesus’ Face

ARTICLE – Imagine God’s gaze upon you. What does his face look like? In Jesus’ look upon us, we find a peace and love that will strengthen us for our entire lives.

When I First Kissed the Empty Tomb

ARTICLE – What is it like inside the Tomb of Jesus? Mary Jane Fox describes the moment she first entered it. How can we all be encouraged by the empty Tomb?