Why A Pilgrimage?

What is a Pilgrimage?

Before we consider why pilgrimages are beneficial, we have to understand what makes a pilgrimage.  Is it a religious tour? A spiritual vacation? Not quite.

A pilgrimage is an experience of God’s grace that not only affects our relationship with Him, but also all of our other relationships, and it builds up the Body of Christ, the universal Church.

Bishop Oscar Cantu meditates at Pater Noster in Jerusalem while on pilgrimage with us.

Reasons to Participate in A Pilgrimage

  • Opportunity to gain deeper insights into our relationship with God
  • Ask for (and receive) spiritual renewal and healing
  • Experience holy sites by spending time in prayer and guided meditations
  • Discover the history of the Church
  • Experience the customs and culture of the Mother Church (Church in the Holy Land – where it all began)
  • Strengthen the local Christians by your prayer, presence, and donations
  • Witness the Faith to others
  • Pray powerfully for your family, friends, and community
  • Represent your parish, carry parishioners’ prayer petitions, and share your experiences when you return

Pilgrims are gifted with a renewed understanding of their identity as Catholics.