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Upcoming Pilgrimages

Holy Land

HL15_APRMay 27–June 7, 2023

This pilgrimage is filled.

Marian Pilgrimage

Marian PilgrimageAug. 20–31, 2023

This pilgrimage is now accepting Wait List applicants.


Holy Land

Feb. 26–Mar. 8, 2024

This pilgrimage is more than half-filled!

Holy Land

Oct. 6–17, 2024

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Pilgrim Center of Hope is a non-profit organization. Funds covering travel expenses are paid by pilgrims. These funds are not in any way provided by Pilgrim Center of Hope’s donor base, unless a donor specifically requests that their donation be used to provide a pilgrimage for a priest, religious, or other specific individual. Any PCH pilgrimages used as raffle prizes have been paid for by the raffling organization or other entity, and have not been donated by Pilgrim Center of Hope.