Ministry of Pilgrimages

The mission of this Ministry of Pilgrimages is to build up the Body of Christ by organizing and leading authentic journeys of faith that renew and inspire people to live every day as pilgrims.

Why A Pilgrimage?

God touches our lives in many ways but, when we seek him with fervor, we are making an eternal investment which will have everlasting rewards.  A pilgrimage is such an investment.

Pilgrimages provide an opportunity for people to seek God, healing, spiritual renewal, reparation, forgiveness, and other personal graces—ultimately becoming a mini school of spirituality.

Pilgrims discover the richness of Church history and Tradition, are gifted with a renewed identity as Catholics, and often receive healing.

What Makes Us Different

While the Pilgrim Center of Hope is already unique in its status as a non-profit ministry (rather than a business or travel agency), over 25 years of experience in planning and leading pilgrimages have informed our unique approach to this ministry; a truth to which our pilgrims continuously testify.

Your Group

Pilgrims in Italy

We are happy to organize a customized local or international pilgrimage for your parish, organization, family and friends.

Special Presentations

Presentations about pilgrimages bring pilgrimage destinations home—to parishes, schools, and organizations—to educate the faithful about sacred places and teachings of our Catholic faith.

For Clergy

Pilgrims pray like St. Francis in Assisi

Part of our ministry of pilgrimages is to assist Catholic clergy in experiencing a pilgrimage journey by acting as a Chaplain or Spiritual Director for a pilgrim group.

Pilgrimage Group Leaders

Group Leaders for the Ministry of Pilgrimages have been hand-selected by our founders.  Each receives formation in the philosophy and theology of pilgrimage, as well as hands-on, practical experience in guiding a pilgrim group.


How did the Lord lead us to found a ministry of pilgrimages?

Sponsor A Priest / Seminarian

Want to rejuvenate a priest or invest in a seminarian’s future ministry?