Holy Land Pilgrimage – FILLED

February 28 – March 11, 2023

This pilgrimage is now full and is no longer accepting registrations. 

A pilgrimage is a journey of faith; an ancient practice in the Church. It is an eternal investment which has an everlasting reward.

Come and see, touch and experience the sites of the Bible, the sites of our Lord’s life and our Lady’s life. You will have the privilege to prayerfully retrace the footprints of Jesus, and meet the local people, the living stones, the Custodians of the Holy Land – the Franciscans & other religious communities. You will be introduced to the various cultures of the Holy Land and the history of our Church.

We believe in your maximum experience; space is limited to 30 seats!

Pilgrimage Includes…

  • First-Class Accommodations in excellent locations:
    • 4 nights by the Sea of Galilee at Tabgha Pilgerhaus
    • 5 nights in Jerusalem at Vatican’s Notre Dame Hotel (located across the street from the ancient city of Jerusalem)
    • 1 night at Jaffa, Mediterranean Sea
  • Round-Trip Airfare from San Antonio, Texas, including taxes & surcharges
  • Private Motor Coach
  • Daily Mass, Prayer, and Spiritual Reflections at Holy Sites
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Cultural Experiences & Middle-Eastern Dining
  • Patronizing Local, Christian-Owned Businesses & Local Guide
  • Meet the Local Christians, the Living Stones
  • Taxes and Tips
  • Pilgrim Book offering maps, history, prayers, schedule, details about the holy sites, and more
  • Pre-Pilgrimage Orientation Meetings & Preparation Materials
  • Complimentary tote bag


  • Galilee
    Mt. Arbel to recall Christ’s Great Commission & spectacular view of Galilee | Basilica of Annunication, Mary’s Nazareth home where Angel Gabriel appeared to her and the Word Became Flesh | St. Joseph Church, Holy Family’s Nazareth home & Joseph’s workshop | Capernaum; “Hometown of Jesus”, home of St. Peter; ancient synagogue where Jesus preached | Cana, Jesus’ first miracle site where married couples renew vows | Sea of Galilee; enjoy a boat ride, walk along shore  Tabgha, where Jesus multiplied loaves and fish | Mt. Tabor, Jesus’  Transfiguration site | Magdala, home of Mary Magdalen along the shore | and more . . .
  • Bethlehem
    Basilica of Nativity, venerate place of Christ’s birth and manger | Shepherd’s Field where angels announced Christ’s birth | and more . . .
  • Jerusalem

    Mt. of Olives various holy sites including Garden of Gethsemane, spend quiet time where Jesus prayed before his Passion | Mt. Zion including Cenacle Chapel near site of Last Supper | Way of the Cross pray and carry the cross in Jesus’ footsteps along Via Dolorosa | Mt. Calvary site of Crucifixion | Church of the Holy Sepulcher including Tomb of Christ | and more . . .

  • Jaffa
    The place where God revealed to Peter about the new covenant, welcoming all into the Christian faith
  • Plus

    Jordan River renew your Baptismal Promises in the River where Christ was baptized by John | Jericho, oldest city in the world where Jesus healed the blind and called Zaccheus | Judean Desert where Jesus fasted and prayed before his public ministry | Meet Local People of the Holy Land and the Custodians of the Holy Land, the Franciscans  and much more!

Outstanding Group Leaders

Your Group Leaders are Catholics committed to the true meaning of pilgrimage. Deacon Tom Fox, CKHS, and Mary Jane Fox, CDHS, spouses, are the founders and directors of the Pilgrim Center of Hope evangelization apostolate and its Ministry of Pilgrimages. Learn more about the Foxes.

Pilgrimage Chaplain

Fr. Paul Melgarejo is Parochial Vicar of St. Matthew Church in San Antonio, TX, where he was raised. He has a background in education, and was ordained a priest on May 15, 2021.

Father Paul looks forward to walking with you on this journey, offering Mass at the holy sites, leading prayer, and providing the Sacrament of Reconciliation for those who wish to receive it.