This page is for clergy.  Are you a lay person interested in sponsoring a priest / seminarian?

Bishop Patrick Zurek celebrates Mass at the site where Paul baptized Lydia

For Priests & Bishops

Part of our Ministry of Pilgrimages is to assist Catholic priests and bishops in experiencing a pilgrimage journey by acting as a Spiritual Director for a pilgrim group.  We are able to organize a pilgrimage for you, your parish/diocese, religious order, etc.  We recommend a group of 30 to 40 pilgrims maximum, with at least 20 persons.

For each Spiritual Director, all expenses are paid from his destination in the United States.

What does this involve?  Leave the planning and logistics to our excellent pilgrimage team.  During the pilgrimage, our Group Leader(s) will be responsible for leading the journey; you won’t have to worry.  As pilgrimage Spiritual Director, you would offer daily Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation for pilgrims who wish to receive it, along with some reflections or leading prayer at holy sites.

Dear Father, we have 25 years of experience in organizing pilgrimages.  Feel free to contact us simply to obtain more information, or discuss a possible pilgrimage.  For your convenience, a contact form may be found below.  We also welcome your call: (210) 521-3377.

Fr. James Wilcox was a Holy Land pilgrim with us as a transitional deacon.

For Deacons

We truly appreciate having Catholic Deacons journey with us on pilgrimage.  Transitional and Permanent Deacons have the opportunity to serve at Mass while on pilgrimage.  Contact us for more information if you are interested in doing so.

Permanent Deacons in the Archdiocese of San Antonio may also receive Continuing Education Credit while on pilgrimage with the Pilgrim Center of Hope.

Our group was so blessed to have been introduced to the Pilgrim Center of Hope […] We literally prayed our way across this land, and indeed, met the Risen Lord, his mother, Mary and so many of the other holy men and women who lived and died here. […]

Another critical component of our pilgrimage was not just visiting the ancient stones and sites, but also meeting the ‘living stones,’ those descendants of the early Christian community who still live in Palestine and Israel. […]

From the time we departed the US throughout our stay and our flight home, I never once worried about our security.  The Christian community in the Holy Land needs our presence, needs Christians from the rest of the world to continue to make pilgrimages and support them in their day-to-day life. […]

Mary Jane and Tom handled all of the details of our trip with professional excellence. From arranging for Masses in the many basilicas and day-to-day schedule, to daily meals and wonderful lodgings. The preparations materials for the pilgrimage to an excellent pilgrimage book that contained all the daily schedules, prayers and Mass readings, along with important and helpful historical information about the Holy Land. […]

If you are wishing to plan a pilgrimage of any sort, but particularly to the Holy Land, I highly recommend to you, Pilgrim Center of Hope, San Antonio, Texas, and its founders, Mary Jane and Tom Fox.

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