Pilgrimage of our dreams


My wife, Lupita, and I just recently returned from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Mary Jane Fox and Tom Fox. They are associated with the Pilgrim Center of Hope. We can’t begin to describe how wonderful the pilgrimage was.

First of all, we were so thoroughly pleased how Spirit-filled the pilgrimage was set up. It was exactly how we wanted to visit the Holy Land where Jesus walked. There were Scripture readings and reflection times for every site that we visited.

Secondly, we felt we were so fortunate to be able to have Mass service every day at these holy sites. For example, we had Mass inside the Tomb of Jesus……………..how special is that!!!!

Another aspect of the pilgrimage that we really enjoyed was the exposure we had when we met some of the local Palestinian Christians, and finding out more about their struggles in the Holy Land. They are the “living stones” of our religion, and we realized that we need to be praying for them daily.

We met some wonderful fellow pilgrims on this journey that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Mary Jane and Tom, for all the hard work in setting up the pilgrimage of our dreams.

– Armando Medina